Why is our Sate so damn tasty?


Our sate has been a 30 Year family recipe perfected over time, and 5 hours delicately roasted for you in every jar. Every drop you savour has been perfectly balanced so you get the chilli pepper flavours, the spiciness, the taste…absolutely mouth watering.

Is SateBoyz as natural as we say it is?


We hate nasty surprises and we know you do too. That is why we created a Sate that tastes so good, but is good for you too.

Gluten Free and contains;

No Peanuts


No Preservatives

No Trans Fat

No Artificial Colouring

No Yuckies…and made locally in Australia

What can we have SateBoyz with?

SateBoyz is the perfect complement for your favourite foods. From noodles, to dumplings, to pasta and every other savoury dish you can think of like chicken, steak, pork and seafood. Try it with your favourite food and be amazed! 

Do we Guarantee every jar?

A big fat YES...

In fact, we know you’ll love our Sate so much that if it isn’t the best Sate you’ve ever tasted, just let us know and we’ll happily give you a full refund or replacement - That’s our SateBoyz family promise.

Any other questions?

Please email us at Hello@SateBoyz.com and we'll only be too happy to help!